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The entangled roots of a large tree with red leaves on the ground. The roots point to the web of relationships that influence authorship, shape collaboration, and enrich scholarship.

A Nightmare and A Dream

February 12, 2023
A page from Christopher P. Long's journal, illustrating his daily writing practice. Brown ink on dot grid paper, with a Sailor Realo pen out of focus on lying on the page. The word "Listen" is underlined and legible in his small cursive handwriting. Much of the text on the page is not legible.

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January 7, 2023
African and African American Studies students standing in a row, from left to right: Amber McAddley, Morgan Braswell, Jhala Martin, and Ayodele Uhuru. They are listening to Jhala read from a piece of paper with a microphone in her hand. Photo by Ryan Frederick.

A Place of Wholeness

November 21, 2022
Linton Hall at MSU

Revolutionary Dean

February 25, 2022
Ted Loder looking to his right with a joyful smile on his face, with Jan Filing, his wife looking on from behind and out of focus.

The Art of Procrastination

September 14, 2021
Ted Loder making a point, and pointing his finger. Joy on his face.

Love One Another

April 4, 2021

On Ethical Candor

November 28, 2020
American Flags lined up against a yellow building

Register to Vote

September 22, 2020
Teal Ribbon on a Tree

Failures to Listen

January 24, 2019
Linton Hall Through A Glass Ball

Living Values

November 30, 2018