St. Aubin Park, Detroit
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The Transformative Power of Publishing

Earlier this summer, I had the honor of offering the closing keynote address of the 2019 Association of University Presses annual conference held in Detroit. The address was entitled The Transformative Power of Publishing, and…
Connected ropes

Toward a Culture of Care

In the summer of 2018, a group of MSU Deans came together to write an essay that was published in Inside Higher Education under the title: "Can Michigan State Recover and Chart a New Path…
The Long Road

Recognizing Peer Review

In June of 2018, I held a short workshop about the HuMetricsHSS initiative with colleagues attending the 2018 Summer Seminar - East gathering of the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages that was meeting at…
Teal Ribbon on Tree at MSU
Failures to Listen
The Names of Survivors on the MSU Rock
Open Letter Regarding MSU Interim President Transition
Linton Hall Through A Glass Ball
Living Values
Six Images of Resilience
2018 Dean’s Report – Resilience
Pittsburgh Bridges 2009
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AGLS Keynote – Practicing the Arts of Liberty
Red Cedar River in July
The Administrative Life
Bonomi, Rothman, and a Human Rights Approach to Sexual Misconduct in Higher Education