Questions for the Class of 2025

To the Class of 2025: Let Us Begin Again Together

To the Class of 2025, Welcome to Michigan State University, to the College of Arts & Letters, and to the MSU Honors College, You begin your MSU journey at a time like no other. As…
Ted Loder making a point, and pointing his finger. Joy on his face.

Love One Another

Ted Loder, eloquent preacher, fierce advocate for justice, long-time minister of the First United Methodist Church in Germantown, and my beloved stepfather, died on Thursday, April 1, 2021. Ted always encouraged us to watch for…
Red Cedar River in Winter, white snow covers the trees on both sides of the river which is beginning to ice over from the banks.
Presentation: Other

From Productivity to Meaningful Work

Six years have past since I wrote A Few Notes on Productivity, a post that outlined my approach to productivity in academic and administrative life. More than 11 years have somehow passed since I wrote…
"Hora Quasi Umbra" text on a Sundial
Presentation: Academic
Imagining a Different Future
Compass with directions in the foreground with a distant and unfocused image of the White House in the distance.
Civic Life
The Promise and Perils of Democracy
Group fo Faculty
The Transformative Power of Values-Enacted Scholarship
The Long Road
On Ethical Candor
American Flags lined up against a yellow building
Civic Life
Register to Vote
Scales and weights
Indicators of Excellence in the Liberal Arts