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Christopher P. Long

MSU Research Foundation Professor, Dean of the College of Arts & Letters, Dean of the MSU Honors College, and Professor of Philosophy at Michigan State University.

Welcome to, a website designed to give digital voice to a philosophical life. Here you will find information about my academic and administrative life, including my publications, projects, and initiatives.

At the heart of my work is a commitment to writing along the way, so I encourage you to engage actively with the The Long Road blog by reading, sharing, and commenting. You can also find me on Mastodon. Thank you for visiting this little corner of the digital world.



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A diverse group of people of wide-ranging ages stand in a courtyard in front of a colorful mural of Grace Lee and James Boggs with young people. A young Grace Lee Boggs is in yellow, holding a megaphone to her mouth. Jimmie Boggs, on the right, is in a dark jacket, hands folded in front of me, listening. There is a diverse group of young people between them.DeanInitiativesThe Administrative Life
October 21, 2023

Ubuntu, Drawing, and A Pilgrimage to the Boggs Center

I am learning how to draw. It started during the pandemic, but if I am being honest, my practice has languished. Over the last few weeks, however, I have felt the need to redouble my…
A selfie with Chris Long in academic regalia to the right of Dr. Anthony Fauci in the Breslin Center before the 2023 MSU Doctoral graduation ceremony. The wall behind them has a Spartan helmet and images of Spartan Basketball players in action.EducationThe Long Road
May 6, 2023

Joy and the Gift of Education

I’ve been a little quiet here lately as this very difficult semester comes to a close. It was healing yesterday to spend some time with Dr. Fauci before our MSU doctoral convocation. In his address…
In the foreground in focus are white values cards with black letters laying on a dark wooden table with words like "Support for Failure," "Holistic," "Accessibility,"Excellence," "Appreciation," written on them. We read the cards upside-down as we look down the table, our perspective at table-level looking toward a woman in a black mask leaning over a computer pointing to something as participants around the table look toward the laptop on the table. The laptop and the people are out of focus at the depth of field is short and the focus is on the cards nearest us on the table.DeanThe Administrative Life
March 16, 2023

Finding the Values in Committee Work

The transformative power of values-enacted scholarship is only really felt in lived-experience. Just before spring break, and only two weeks after the mass shooting on the MSU campus, a small group of staff, directors, and…