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Agate, Nicky, Rebecca Kennison, Christoper P. Long, Jason Rhody, Simone Sacchi, and Penny Weber. “Syllabus as Locus of Intervention and Impact.” Syllabus 9, no. 1 (May 28, 2020).

This is a flash article related to our HuMetricsHSS work on how syllabi might become important sources of more textured stories about the breadth and depth of scholarship.

Here is the final sentence of the article:

To truly intervene in the marketplace of academic prestige, we need not only to seize the opportunity to build up other voices and forms of scholarship, but to share our syllabi openly, via repositories and websites and social networks, to make their circulation as commonplace as that of academic articles. By openly sharing syllabi, we enable our colleagues to tell a more textured story about their research—and empower all of us to redefine impactful scholarship writ large.

From Syllabus as Locus of Intervention and Impact.

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