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Life with Chloe and Hannah. Posts reflecting on life with my daughters.

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Excitement abounds here in the Long household as preparations are made for the arrival of Santa. At 9- and 8-years old, the girls are at that prime age when Christmas is long anticipated and full…
Christopher Long
December 24, 2013
LwCHThe Long Road


LITCHFIELD, SC - Vacation can be a time for moments of insight and tenderness. One such moment came this week for me at a restaurant here in South Carolina called Studio Café. (You can see…
Christopher Long
December 30, 2011
Image of a wave breaking in the ocean with two figures to the right, a father and a daughter. The father, in a baseball cap, is lifting the daughter over the wave as it breaks. The foam of earlier waves are in the foreground. It is a relatively overcast day.
LwCHThe Long Road

Beginning in Wonder

Aristotle, of course, famously said: "For it is by way of wondering that people both now and at first began to philosophize ..." (Metaphysics, I.2, 982b13-4). Tonight, ArtGirl began to philosophize. She wondered so eloquently…
Christopher Long
March 26, 2011
LwCHThe Long Road

The Big Oh-Five

Little Girl by a Little Girl Originally uploaded by cplong11 Today is DancinGirl's birthday and it has been a day of well, dancing. And on Saturday, at her princess dance party, we will dance some…
Christopher Long
November 11, 2010
LwCHThe Long Road

Now She is Six

Today is ArtGirl's birthday and I am feeling the need to mark the moment with a few reflections about some of the things I admire about my daughter.She questions with assiduous tenacity and refuses to…
Christopher Long
May 11, 2010