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DancinGirl has fallen in love with words. Actually, she has always loved to play with words, singing, rhyming, mimicking.

Literacy in BloomBut now her love of the verbal has exploded into literacy.

She is reading voraciously; book after little book, she reads, sounding out words she does not recognize, learning the joys of story. There you find her, in a chair in the spare bedroom, on the floor in her own, on a sofa, with a book.

She is always under the caring tutelage of her mother, well versed in the ways of Vygotsky, who makes sure she has a book just challenging enough to push her, but not too challenging to frustrate her.

Tonight, however, the reading inspired writing. She had recently read in school a book by Kevin Tseng entitled Ned’s New Home, and she took to the chalkboard to write.  She spent almost an hour writing her story, after which time, she read it to us.

Here is DancinGirl’s version of the Kevin Tseng story with, as she said later, a few words of her own: DancinGirl Reads Her Version of Ned’s New Home

To listen to your daughter discover the beauty of the written word is awesome.

DancinGril Reading Ned’s New Home


  • bakgornet says:

    i wish everyone knew the meaning of reading… thanks..

  • Drew Tatusko says:

    My 7 year old is the same way. It brings me back to the time I knew I could read an entire novel by myself. The first one I ever read cover to cover was James and the Giant Peach. Then I read every Roald Dahl book I could get my hands on after that. A marvelous quote by C.S. Lewis says it better than I could every say, "I saw the bright shadow coming out of the book into the real world and resting there, transforming all common things and yet itself unchanged. Or, more accurately, I saw the common things drawn into the bright shadow."

  • What a great quotation from C.S. Lewis. The capacity for reading to transform the world is under appreciated.

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