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Embracing Different Voices

After talking to trusted people, thinking things over and otherwise working through the transition I am making to Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies at the College of the Liberal Arts, I have decided to embrace the model that Dean Chris Brady uses over at the Schreyer Honors College at PSU and tweet in two voices.

So, you can now find me at:

And, as always, you can still follow me at:


Both twitter accounts will be written by me, but the LAUSDeanLong will be used to speak directly to undergraduate students, highlight the things we are doing in the Office of the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in Liberal Arts, and reach out to alumni.  LAUS is Liberal Arts Undergraduate Studies.  The cplong account will continue to be the more personal voice I have cultivated over the past few years of twittering.  I hope many people will follow both voices.

Now, there is another transition I am making on this Long Road.  It is time to allow my daughters to determine their own web identities, so I have asked them what they would like to be called as I talk about them online.  We have determined that my five year old will be referred to here as ArtGirl because, as she says, “I am into art.”  My four year old will be “DancinGirl” as she loves to dance.

These changes reflect the changing dynamics of my web presence as I move into a new professional role.  Although I will continue to blog about my life as a father here, I have started a new password protected Posterous account to chronicle some of our everyday activities.  For those who are interested, please email me for the password.

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