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Dear Hannah:

Today is the day we have been talking about since the summer – finally, it’s your birthday!

Today we celebrate you and the way you have celebrated us everyday since you arrived four years ago.

I have always admired the way you inhabit the world. You bring a sense of joy to everything you do and to everyone you meet. You have your own way of moving through the world that makes me smile.

And when you dance, it is something to behold…

Hannah Dancing in WoodsSo on this day of celebration, I have produced a little recording base on our discussion about your fourth birthday.

The two pictures here mark the day of your birth and the weekend before your fourth birthday.

We all wish you a very happy birthday and look forward to being with you as you grow into your fourth year.


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  • Axelle Karera says:

    Hannah is one of the loveliest, smartest, and funniest little girl on the planet! I wish you the happiest birthday Hannah.
    p.s. you guys made me cry of laugher, that was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. lol… I’m still giggling!!

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