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Life with Chloe and Hannah

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Excitement abounds here in the Long household as preparations are made for the arrival of Santa. At 9- and 8-years old, the girls are at that prime age when Christmas is long anticipated and full…
Christopher Long
December 24, 2013
LwCHThe Long Road


LITCHFIELD, SC - Vacation can be a time for moments of insight and tenderness. One such moment came this week for me at a restaurant here in South Carolina called Studio Café. (You can see…
Christopher Long
December 30, 2011
Image of a wave breaking in the ocean with two figures to the right, a father and a daughter. The father, in a baseball cap, is lifting the daughter over the wave as it breaks. The foam of earlier waves are in the foreground. It is a relatively overcast day.
LwCHThe Long Road

Beginning in Wonder

Aristotle, of course, famously said: "For it is by way of wondering that people both now and at first began to philosophize ..." (Metaphysics, I.2, 982b13-4). Tonight, ArtGirl began to philosophize. She wondered so eloquently…
Christopher Long
March 26, 2011