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The Academy for Teaching and Learning at Baylor University invited me to give two talks on the value of creating and nurturing online digital scholarly communities on April 19, 2018. The two presentations afforded me an opportunity to consider the role online scholarly communities might play in helping us address broader cultural challenges we are facing in higher education.

The Meaning and Value of Digital Scholarly Communities

April 19 | 10:30-11:30am | Jones Library 200

My visit to Baylor occurred during a very difficult period of trauma at Michigan State University in the wake of institutional and cultural failures associated with sexual abuse on campus. Being at Baylor and having lived through the abuse scandal at Penn State, the broader cultural issues to which we in higher education need to come to terms was very much on my mind. As a result, you will hear in this presentation the struggle associated with aligning values with practices. As I discuss ways to embody and cultivate digital communities of scholarship, I emphasize the importance of candor, vulnerability, and accountability as core principles of academic culture that need to be advocated for and embodied.


Creating and Sustaining Digital Scholarly Communities

April 19 | 3:30-4:30pm | Marrs McLean Science 101

This presentation was given in the form of a Tweet storm in order to perform the open scholarship for which the presentation argues. In it I address some the broader questions of how we might cultivate more supportive cultures of scholarship in higher education. This was my first experiment with a Tweet storm presentation. The format is designed to invite a broader conversation on the questions raised in the presentation. By posting the material here, I hope to open another space for discussion about the issues raised in the presentation.

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