Is Reading Writing?

By October 12, 2015 January 22nd, 2018 Presentation: Interactive, The Long Road

This is story of an un-keynote that began in discussion with @BillHD.

The conceit was this: Could we create an un-keynote experience in which members of the community would be encouraged to explore the question: Is Reading Writing?

This was the design: Tweets were pre-written with images of slides that presented content about my enhanced digital book, Socratic and Platonic Politics: Practicing a Politics of Reading. The keynote began with the tweets so those gathered with invited to read and respond to the slides. The tweets were delivered via Buffer, and we use LiveTweetApp to moderate the content to the screens around the room.

This Storify captures some of the dynamics and reactions of what unfolded.

The story of my un-keynote at #wideemu: The Writing in Digital Environments (MSU) / Eastern Michigan un-Conference.

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  • […] Use Buffer to live-tweet your own presentations: it is great when the audience live-tweets a presentation you are giving, but I have long tried to facilitate that process by live-tweeting my own presentations. This allows those who are listening to add value to the presentation on Twitter rather than focusing on trying to capture what I am saying. I used to use Keynote Tweet to do this, but more recently I have simply scheduled tweets in Buffer and used LiveTweetApp to launch and share tweets during a presentation. In fact, I have started to use Twitter itself as the presentation platform. […]

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