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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 33: APS 2010

Jill Gordon, Dana Professor of Philosophy at Colby College, and Sara Brill, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Fairfield University, join me for episode 33 of the Digital Dialogue to discuss Catherine Zuckert’s keynote address at the 2010 Ancient Philosophy Society held at Michigan State. The address was entitled: “Two Paradigms of Philosophy: Socrates and Timeaus.”

Catherine Zuckert has recently published an extensive study of the dialogues entitled Plato’s Philosophers: The Coherence of the Dialogues with the University of Chicago Press. In that text, she offers a reading of the dialogues in accordance with the chronological order of the drama they articulate.

On the podcast we discuss Zuckert’s thought provoking address in which she considers the difference between the approach Timeaus takes to philosophy and the questions that animate Socrates.

We also talk more generally about the 2010 Ancient Philosophy Conference and the community that has developed in the Society.

Dialogue 33: Brill, Gordon and Long on Zuckert’s Keynote at APS 2010

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