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TLT Faculty Fellowship Coverage

By September 11, 2009January 24th, 2018Recognition and Responses, Vita
CpL PSU Live.jpgOne of the most rewarding aspects of my Teaching and Learning with Technology Faculty Fellowship has been the recognition my efforts in this area are beginning to gain.
Last week, my work over the summer was featured on PSU Live, Penn State’s Official News Source, with a very nice article written by Mary Janzen highlighting the fellowship and specifically the development of the Digital Dialogue podcast.
Over the course of the summer, the Digital Dialogue Podcast (iTunes link) has received a lot of publicity and recognition from the institutions with which my guests on the podcast are associated.

Boston College highlighted my discussion with Marina McCoy about the importance of attentive listening for the cultivation of dialogue on their main web portal.

Digital Dialogue episode seven with Leigh Johnson on Humanism was recognized by the Dean’s Office at Rhodes College where Leigh is Assistant Professor of Philosophy.  A post on the Dean’s Blog emphasizes her appearance on the podcast as one of the ways Leigh makes “philosophy a living, breathing discipline.”

After the discussion Shannon Sullivan and I had on the Digital Dialogue episode eight on Noelle McAfee’s book, Democracy and the Political Unconscious, the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, where Noelle serves as a faculty member, added the episode to their podcast feed of interviews related to the Institute.  They also added it to their Facebook page. Noelle herself highlighted it on her blog: GonePublic: Philosophy, Politics, & Public Life.

Ongoing Connections
Below is a running feed tagged as links related to the Socratic Politics in Digital Dialogue project:

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