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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 10: Summer Wrap-up

In episode 10 of the Digital Dialogue, I am joined by Allan Gyorke, Ryan Wetzel, and Matt Meyer, the team that has been working with me during my summer faculty fellowship at Penn State’s Teaching and Learning with Technology.

In this episode we discuss the video we have been working on this summer, an outline of which you can watch here, the future of the Digital Dialogue podcast and the Socratic Politics blog as we move into the semester and some of the things we learned this summer.

Digital Dialogue 10 with Allan, Matt and Ryan: Summer Wrap-up

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  • Sam Richards says:

    Nice conversation. I'm sitting here listening as I'm doing other things and have to keep reminding myself that wrapped around your conversation about WEB 2.0 and teaching is a discussion of philosophical concepts and ideas in a way that makes them entirely accessible. Nice. Thanks.

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