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Digital Dialogue 67: Queering Hip Hop

Moya Bailey is a post-doctoral fellow at the Africana Research Center here at Penn State. She received her doctorate from Emory University in 2013 with a dissertation entitled “Training to Treat: A Study of Representation of Black Women Patients at Emory School of Medicine.” She specializes in critical race, feminist and disabilities studies and is interested specifically in how race, gender, and sexuality are represented in media and medicine.

She is a digital humanist who contributes to a number of websites, including Quirky Black Girls, the Crunk Feminist Collective and she co-curates for the #transformdh initiative. You can find her on twitter @moyazb and on her website:

Moya joins the Digital Dialogue to talk about her recently published article in Palimpsest entitled “Homolatent Masculinity & Hip Hop Culture.” Her article provides an analysis of a few Hip Hop videos, two of which I embed here.

2 Chainz and Kanye West video “Birthday Song”

The Lost Bois

Our discussion touches upon the definitions of “queer” and “homolatent” that Moya deploys in her analysis of these videos, among others. We also discuss her argument that nihilist negativity, when combined with a specific sense of community, can become a generative space capable of transforming the hegemonic conditions of patriarchic authority.

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