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ATLANTA, GA – Publicness and collaboration are two of the virtues we hope the Public Philosophy Journal will embody.

To that end, we want the creation and development of the journal to put those virtues into practice. So, our workshop at the Public Philosophy Network meeting at Emory University is designed to encourage both.

Regarding publicness, we hope participants will join our online community by posting things about the journal and the workshop on your blogs, affinity groups, Facebook pages, Twitter and whatever other modes of social media communication you use.

We encourage you to curate those online communications on twitter using the #PPN13 hashtag.

The journal itself has a twitter account:
Further, we invite you to visit our website:

Regarding collaboration, we encourage you to visit the Google Form we are using to collect information about those interested in the journal:

Please add your information and any reasons for your interest in the journal and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same. In addition, during the workshop, we hope you will collaborate with us on a number of Google Docs.

That document will start out as an agenda, but will morph into our collaborative notes on the session. We encourage everyone to bring laptops to help in the collaborative writing processes we will undertake together.

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