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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 51: Digital Public

Episode 51 of the Digital Dialogue was recorded in Washington, D.C. at the Advancing Public Philosophy conference. Joining me are: Mark Fisher, Assistant Director of the Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State, Ronald Sundstrom, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of San Francisco, Cori Wong, PhD Candidate, Penn State, Jessica Harper, Partner at Bodker, Ramsey, Andrews, Winograd, and Wildstein in Atlanta, and Vance Ricks, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Guilford College.

We focus our discussion on two workshops that focused on social media and public philosophy. The first, facilitated by Vance Ricks and Mark Fisher, focused on Social Media Ethics; the second, facilitated by me and Cori Wong, focused on Philosophy and the Digital Public.


Here are some links to things we mentioned in the podcast.

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  • dirkusa says:

    I appreciate the willingness to begin to think thru the implications of working with/thru technology and will be interested in how/if such changes get worked into institutional aspects of organizing higher-ed, especially research by management/admin relating to use/effects of new changes.
    for a future interview you might want to reach out to media-guru and philosopher Ian Bogost:

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