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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 44: The Apology

For Digital Dialogue episode 44, I have joined Nicolas Parra, Norman Mora and Sergio Ariza in their home city of Bogotá, Colombia to discuss the seminar we held today on Plato’s Apology and a paper I wrote entitled Socratic Disturbances and Platonic Politics.

Sergio is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Universidad de los Andes, who work focused on Ancient Greek Philosophy; his currently working on a translation of the Meno with commentary, he has recently published an essay entitled “Gorgias and the Incommunicability of Being”, which is a critique of Mourelatos’s interpretation.

Norman Mora is an undergraduate student working on his degree in literature and philosophy. And Nicolas Parra has been on the Digital Dialogue before when he was studying at Penn State. It was episode 21 and we discussed the relationship between Philosophy and Rhetoric in the Gorgias. Nicolas is working on his MA in Philosophy and a degree in law. His work focused on aporia in Socrates.

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  • nparra says:

    Thank you Chris, for this great discussion we had on the Apology. I think that you have a powerful reading of it, although we still have our differences in regard to the nature of the "dialogue". Hopefully we can continue this dialogue in the future, and I hope that by then you have thought more about the Lysis, because I think that friendship is condition of possibility of dialogue. Perhaps that's why I don't think that the Apology is a dialogue: friendship is elsewhere, not in the Court. Thank you for all your insights and very helpful thoughts for my thesis, and above all, for the way you taught me to read Plato.
    Nicolas Parra

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