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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 39: World in Conversation

On Digital Dialogue episode 39, I am joined by the co-directors of the World in Conversation Project, Sam Richards and Laurie Mulvey.

Their work explores the multifaceted relationship between people from different cultural and ancestral groups. More specifically, they use a Socratic method of dialogue to facilitate genuine, honest exchanges between people of differing perspectives, histories and background.

And they do this in ways that have a profound effect on all involved.

Our discussion focuses on the transformative power of dialogue and the difficult work required to engage in genuine dialogue. Laurie and Sam have had years of experience in preparing students to have honest, open and difficult conversations with people, and our exchange on the Digital Dialogue touches upon some of their most profound lessons.

Digital Dialogue 39: World in Conversation

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  • thecanary says:

    It was great listening to this dialogue again. I'm surprised at how much interesting territory we covered in such a small amount of time. THANKS for the opportunity.

  • dirkusa says:

    I'm trying to understand the use of the term "profound" here, are there any follow-up studies after these interactions to see if there are any changes in the lifestyles/behaviors of the participants? as I understand the work of Eric Schwitzgebel and others there is no known ameliorative correlation between academic philosophical reflection on ethical issues and actual behaviors/attitudes of subjects and I don't yet see how these kinds of exchanges are substantially different.

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