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Light in Motion

Four Running 2

Originally uploaded by cplong11
My father taught me to appreciate the subtle joys of photography back before everything went digital. In our basement darkroom, we used to develop the black and white photographs we took with his Canon AE-1.

I still love to take pictures and have begun to organize my Flickr page to showcase some of them. My family remains the central focus of my photographic life, although on Flickr I only share those pictures with my friends.
Increasingly, however, I have been trying to take more of what my Dad and I used to call “Artsy-Craftsy” pictures – that is, pictures that are taken exclusively for their artistic value as opposed to those that are taken as mementos of an historical moment. Of course, such historical pictures, if they are good, will have artistic value. Recently, though, I have rekindled my interest in photography as an outlet for whatever modicum of artistic ability I may have.
Here I share a slideshow of some images I took of light in motion over the Fourth of July holidays. For those of you viewing on an iPhone or iPad, I include the link directly to my Light in Motion set on Flickr.

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  • Brad Kozlek says:

    Nice! I really like “Four Running 2”. Nice organic lines. Look at me talking about this like I understand what I am saying! I think the merging of historical and art is kinda what I am moving towards, but it is damn hard. At least it is for me.
    Maybe it would be cool one day to get a bunch of locals together to document a somewhat wide point in space and time.

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