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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 37: Le Jazz and Social Media
In episode 37 of the Digital Dialogue, I am joined by Matt Jordan, Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies in the College of Communications here at Penn State.
His work focuses on jazz, pop culture, and French culture. His book entitled, Le Jazz: Jazz and French Cultural Identity, was published by the University of Illinois in 2010.
He joins me on the Digital Dialogue today to talk about his recent article in the Journal of Music entitled Don’t Upset the “Rhythm: Innovative Music is seen as a Moral Threat”.
This frames a larger discussion of the impact of media and specifically social media on human habits.  The impetus that led me to invite Matt to the Digital Dialogue was our ongoing conversation in various contexts about the impact of social media technology on our students and ourselves.

Digital Dialogue 37: Matt Jordan on Le Jazz and Social Media

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