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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 29: The Unruly

Falguni Sheth, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Political Theory at Hampshire College joins me for episode 29 of the Digital Dialogue. She is also fellow graduate of the New School for Social Research.

Falguni has published numerous articles on social, political philosophy, continental Philosophy, legal theory and subaltern and gender studies.

She is the co-editor Race, Liberalism and Economics, published by University of Michigan Press in 2004, but she came to the Digital Dialogue to talk about her compelling new book, Toward a Political Philosophy of Race, published by SUNY Press, 2009.

The title of this podcast, “The Unruly,” refers the name Sheth gives to the set of behaviors a political order perceives as threatening.  Part of her argument is that those behaviors that become signified as “unruly” underwrite the idea of “race.” She understand race as a vehicle of division deployed by sovereign power to maintain authority.

Digital Dialogue 29: Falguni Sheth on “The Unruly”

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