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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 25: Uncivil Speech

Jeremy Engels, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences here at Penn State University, joins me for Digital Dialogue, episode 25.

Jeremy’s work focuses on the rhetorical foundations of democratic practices. His first book, Enemyship, takes on the difficult question of how talk of “the enemy” functions in political rhetoric and action.

He has written numerous articles in democratic deliberative theory and is working on a new book entitled Dialogue Under Distress which focuses on how our models of democratic deliberation where stretched to the breaking point during the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

Jeremy came to the Digital Dialogue to discuss an article that recently appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Speech entitled, “Uncivil Speech: Invective and the Rhetorics of Democracy in the Early Republic.”

Digital Dialogue 25 with Jeremy Engels: Uncivil Speech

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