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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 18: Political Unconscious

Noëlle McAfee, Research Professor at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, joins me for episode 18 of the Digital Dialogue which is another special SPEP edition.

Noëlle has numerous publications in the area of democratic political theory, social/political philosophy, feminist theory and American pragmatism including three books, Habermas, Kristeva, and Citizenship by Cornell University Press, 2000, Julia Kristeva, publish by Routledge in 2003, and a text that Shannon Sullivan and I discussed in episode 8 of the Digital Dialogue entitled Democracy and the Political Unconsious.
She is here today to talk further about her book and to explore the transformative possibilities digital media opens for politics.

This year at SPEP, there was an excellent book panel on Noëlle’s book in which Shannon Sullivan, of Penn State University and Robyn Marasco, of Hunter College, commented and Noëlle responded. A number of issues that grow out of that conversation frame some of our discussion on this episode of the Digital Dialogue.

Digital Dialogue 18 with Noëlle McAfee: Political Unconscious

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  • philosoraptor says:

    Thanks for getting Prof. McAfee on your show!
    As a regular listener/downloader, I have noticed that your guests' microphones and voices seem to be much clearer and louder than yours. Your voice comes through as if you're sitting far away from a microphone, and that that microphone has low amplification. Assuming that it's not just a problem with my ears, can you encourage your sound engineers to give your mike volume a boost or adjust the equalizer settings (or both)?

  • Jordan Sanford says:

    I've noticed this too, if it means anything.

  • Thank you for listening. My sound engineer is me, so I will try to make sure I am sitting closer to the mic or talking a bit louder or something. I use a Zoom H4 microphone to get stereo sound for the podcast, but I may have the mic too directed toward my guests and less toward myself. I appreciate your suggestion and your support for the podcast.
    Episode 19 with Adriel Trott should be OK because she was on Skype and I had the microphone all to myself. I did episode 20 in Utah with Michael Shaw and Marina McCoy, so there we might hear the same issue with their voices being a bit louder (although I had the mic turned away from Michael at the start, so that caused a bit of a problem). I will sit down with people here at PSU who do a lot of podcasting and see what we can do to improve the sound quality.
    Thanks for this feedback.

  • philosoraptor says:

    I am listening to episode 19 now, and it's definitely better than episode 18 in that respect but there's still a notable difference between the clarity/volume of Trott's voice and of yours. Is it possible just to add a second microphone into the room?

  • That episode was recorded using Skype and the issue was that I could not turn her voice down enough via Skype. That might cause a problem when the episode is compressed when I send it out to iTunes. I am in the process of talking with some of my technical people here about all of this. I hope to have improved sound in future episodes. Thanks for listening.

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