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Digital Dialogue
Digital Dialogue 12: Eros and Democracy

In episode 12 of the Digital Dialogue, I am joined by Mark Munn who is Professor of Ancient Greek History, Greek Archaeology, and Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies here at Penn State. His central research interest is in Classical Athens and its political and intellectual history.

His book, The School of Athens: Athens in the Age of Socrates is a stunning achievement and an important resource for all of us intent on understanding Greek thinking in the context of the cultural and social history in which it was articulated.

He is also the author of two other books, The Defense of Attica: The Dema Wall and Boiotian War of 378-375 BC, University of California Press, 1993 and The Mother of the Gods, Athens, and the Tyranny of Asia: A Study of Sovereignty in Ancient Religion, University of California Press, 2006.

Our discussion ranges from the agonistic or competitive nature of political discourse in classical Athens, to the political function of eros in the classical period. This later is the focus of Mark Munn’s latest book project, which we discuss in the episode as well.

Digital Dialogue 12 with Mark Munn: Eros and Democracy

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  • Ryan Pollock, a graduate student in my Ancient Greek Philosophy seminar, wrote a thoughtful and substantive post related to this episode of the Digital Dialogue. In the post, entitled Turning Toward the Good, Ryan articulates something of the power of Socratic politics in which the very process of turning individuals toward the question of the Good puts them, and us, on a path toward the Good.

  • Jill Gordon says:

    Thanks for another wonderful conversation! Mark, I would love to read any articles that have emerged from your work or perhaps the project description Chris referred to, if you're willing to share it publicly. Again, stimulating and interesting.

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