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Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

By August 22, 2009January 24th, 2018Vita

LA.jpgLast week I was offered and accepted the position of Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies at the College of the Liberal Arts at The Pennsylvania State University.

In this position, which officially begins January 1, 2010, I will manage and lead the College’s undergraduate studies operations, including the College-wide advising structure, the Paterno Fellows program, the on-going operations of the records office, and curricular enrichment initiatives. As Associate Dean I will also represent the College on university-wide undergraduate committees and councils and work with departmental undergraduate officers and other faculty to continue to improve the quality of undergraduate education in the College. A significant portion of this job will also involve “other duties as assigned” by the Dean.

I undertake these new responsibilities in the same spirit and with the same commitment with which I first began a career in philosophy.  Then as now I seek to engage students at a formative time in their lives and encourage them to orient their lives toward activities informed by the core values of the liberal arts: ethical leadership, critical and reflective thinking, and an openness to other peoples, ideas and cultures.


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