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Local Eating, the Finnish Tart and the Fourth of July

ChrisGirlsParade.jpgOver the weekend we celebrated the Fourth of July in local style here in State College. 

The day began with a wonderful children’s parade of bikes through town to the local Central Parklet, where we ate watermelon, sang songs and danced. 
Afterwards, we had a great lunch at Irving’s, where they are very conscientious about buying and supporting local food. 

Valshop.jpgWe returned home and Val made a meal with local food bought at the State College Farmer’s Market and delivered from our Howard’s End CSA

After dinner, we headed out to the fantastic fireworks display put on by the all volunteer Central PA 4thFest.


While the 4thFest display was amazing, we were also treated to natural fireworks as the sun set behind Beaver stadium prior to the start of the celebration.
Here is Val with the girls in a picture that captures something of the beauty of that most beautiful day.

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  • Janet Filing says:

    The tart and the cook —-superb! I ate, I voted, I enjoyed the wonderful 4th of July this year with more spirit and joy because of the historic election of Barack Hussein Obama. JIF

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