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Learning Design Summer Camp Panel

By July 21, 2009January 24th, 2018Presentation: Academic, Presentations, Vita

STATE COLLEGE, PA – As one of the Teaching and Learning with Technology summer faculty fellows, I am on a panel at the 2009 Learning Design Summer Camp that focuses on new forms of digital scholarship.

The panel is designed to think about and discuss the possibilities for academic scholarship that emerge with new social technologies.  The panel includes Carla Zembal-Saul, Ellysa Cahoy, and Stuart Selber.
During the course of the panel, a number of themes emerged.  First, new technologies challenge faculty to relinquish control of content and open opportunities to empower students to give voice to their own perspective. We talked about how modeling good pedagogical practices can cultivate dialogue and responsive discussion. 
Second, new forms of digital expression are challenging the traditional conception of authorship and ownership.  Assessment tools have to be adapted to these new forms of digital expression.
Third, with the emergence of new forms of digital expression come new forms of literacy; indeed, different media require different skills.  We emphasized the importance of rooting the use of new technologies in concrete pedagogical objectives.

To follow the discussion, see the twitter feed here and watch the online discussion tool here, you can see some notes taken by TK, a member of the audience, here.
To view the entire panel, a recording of the live stream is embedded below:

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