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A Spiritual Voice in New Media


The social web is frequently moving, often inane and continuously ongoing. Its voices reflect the beautiful diversity of the human experience.  
This week another voice was added to the discussion; it is the voice of my step-father, Ted Loder, long-time senior paster at the First United Methodist Church of Germantown (FUMCOG) in Philadelphia, writer of many books of prayers, poems and dramas, and dynamic preacher.
I grew up listening to his thoughtful, provocative and poetic sermons, challenged by their demand to attend to the divine at work in everyday doings, humbled by their appeal to a deeper mystery than can be adequately articulated, and inspired by their call for and commitment to social justice. 
Although I have never been able to embrace the dogma of Christianity, the roots of my philosophical thinking were nourished by those sermons and my deep commitment to seeking justice in relation was and continues to be cultivated by the dynamic spirituality of Ted’s work and words.
So, I am very happy to announce that Ted has started a blog in which he will continue to put words to the mystery of God’s ways. When you have a moment, click over to his blog to hear what he, in his unique theological voice, is saying. 
The social web is enriched by his contributions.

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  • Janet Filing says:

    This introduction to Ted’s blog is very touching. I speak for some of the family when I say thanks for initiating and paving the way for this blog. All our lives are touched as we listen carefully to each other in passing years. Familiarity points a way to new avenues of understanding. I am grateful and glad for you and your insights. Jan

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