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Following Events in Iran

As mentioned early this week, I have been anticipating the election in Iran to see the extent to which the new possibilities for peace emerge as the structure of global politics shifts in the face of the economic crisis and the election of President Obama.

So, this morning I was disappointed to learn that Ahmadinejad had been declared the winner in a supposed landslide.  Since then, I have been following the story in a very interesting way: directly through Twitter and YouTube, I am being exposed to the views and experiences of individuals, unfiltered by the media, either here or in Iran.
Here are some of the links I have been following:

Check out the protests themselves from grassroots video like these:
Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic is doing a very nice job of keeping up on the story with these direct, social web resources:
It is very powerful to be this directly connected to events happening half a world away to people with whom I have no real direct experience. Yet these media offer a more direct glimpse into the event.  They cannot replace solid investigative journalism, but in the immediacy of the moment, they can give a real sense of what is happening. 

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