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Stumbling Upon New Sites

Although I fancy myself someone who takes advantage of the web, I must admit that I find myself repeatedly going to the same sites all the time: the New York Times,, the Centre Daily Times, Google Reader,, etc.

I mentioned this at dinner the other night and recently minted Dr. Michael Brownstein, suggested that I needed When I returned home, I checked it out and have found it thus far to be quite refreshing.

I signed up for a free account, was asked about some of my interests and then was able, on a click of a button, to plumb the vast recesses of the internet. serves up websites based on your interests and you can teach it what you like and don’t like, share with friends and email sites you find interesting.  There is even a way to limit it to University sites if you want.  I uploaded the StumbleUpon Firefox toolbar, and now when I have a moment, I just click the Stumble! button and see what happens.

Here is a link to my public profile on if you want to see the sites I have said I liked.  If you join, feel free to make me a friend on it so I can see what you have discovered.

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