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On Turning 40

SH09.jpgSTONE HARBOR, NJ Today is my 40th birthday: I feel the curvature of the arc of my life, the contour of its trajectory. As it begins, I hope, to press toward its apogee and ultimate return, I sense at once the bodies that influence its course and the direction toward which it tends.

Now more than ever, I am aware of what I can and cannot control. The way I relate to others, but not their responses; the integrity of my decisions, but not their consequences; the living attention I invest in my kids, but not the arc of their lives…

SH09 Laugh.jpgAs I turn 40 today, I pause to appreciate this before I return to running with my kids and laughing on the beach … if the sun decides to burn through the clouds over which I have no control.

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  • Cole W. Camplese says:

    Happy Birthday, Chris! Can’t wait to get the summer started and spend some time thinking about and (re)inventing the future!

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