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President Obama!

ObamaOpening.JPGThe first word Hannah could read herself, or at least recognize, was ‘Obama’.  She has been involved with the Obama campaign for at least 30% of her three year old life, and now she and her sister Chloe will never know a world in which an African-American was not president of the United States.

Here are some pictures that bring into focus how much Chloe and Hannah have grown over the course of this election.  The first is of Chloe, Caitlin and Hannah at the opening of the State College Obama campaign office in March.

Val and Girls Eday.jpgHere is a picture of Chloe, Hannah and Val on Election Day, 2008.  Hannah and Chloe have grown up during this campaign and I hope they have learned something about standing up for what you believe in and putting your energy and efforts into making the world a better place. 

Chloe and Hannah were my intrepid canvassers, walking through many neighborhoods, ringing doorbells, always very happy to be out talking to voters.  They never complained and always were happy to visit the Obama office, where they inevitably received some treats, many stickers and more than a few high fives from volunteers.

To hear President-elect Obama speak tonight in Grant Park in Chicago was gift enough for all the effort.

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  • Janet Filing says:

    One of my most poignant memories from the long road to Barack Obama becoming our President was when I went to the guts of PA with my son and his daughters to canvas. I waited in the car because the youngest of the two had fallen asleep. It was a beautiful Fall day and my son and his eldest daughter went down a dirt road in Pleasant Gap to knock on doors for Obama. Their forms moving down that quiet PA road at the end of a long campaign said it all to me, a very early supporter, that this election and the win that then I had only hoped and dreamed of, like I had hoped and dreamed of the birth of that granddaughter, would be fulfilled and come to fruition in this election.
    Now 5 days after the momentous win for Obama, I am so glad and grateful for this proud USA decision to give a new generation the chance we all deserve to move on in so many ways. In particular, I am hopeful that we will develop ways to save all our lives with environmentally friendly work for all Americans to do, like making the 100mpg car. Obama needs us all to sacrifice and to support his ideas.
    One early idea that I loved was linking any auto industry financial help with the creation of a car that is environmentally very friendly and which runs on alternative fuels and or electricity or hydrogen. Now that will be a wonderful day again for this voter. I will be buying that car and dancing in the streets, especially if it comes with a convertible top. JIF

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