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Redemption for Powell?

While many of us have found it difficult to forgive Colin Powell for the decisive role he played in lending credibility to the lies that led us into Iraq, his endorsement of Obama today on Meet the Press goes a long way toward winning him some degree of redemption.  The passion with which he spoke in particular about the “really right answer” to the question of Obama’s being a Muslim earned him my admiration.

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  • janet Filing says:

    I had chills up and down my spine as I listened again here to Colin Powell’s statements about voting for Barack Obama. I also honor and praise him for being a true current maverick of the Republican party by his chastisement and fair review of the Palin debacle and thus questioning of McCain’s judgment in her selection as VP–it is and was a massive mistake. Further, Powell’s statements about the Muslim issue is very well taken. We are America, the melting pot nation. Any citizen has the right to aspire to be president regardless of race, gender, or creed, as long as they meet the Constitutional requirements for the job. Powell’s disappointment at the turning over of the Republican party to the radical right is a warning to the nation that it is time to be rid of the ultra-conservative notions of greed and racial profiling which they cleverly disguise in flag waving and secret nuanced code wording. This is toxic to our nation and we must put an end to this divisive activity. Barack Obama has been my choice since I heard him speak at the Dem. Convention when J. Kerry was running and as I have heard him and his wife speak since. He is articulate and has the judgement, clarity, and will attract those around him, as John Kennedy did, to help him lead the country out of this economic disaster, caused by the laxness of Bush policies and regulations, back to the strong nation that America is when excellent leadership is in the most influential office in the world—the Presidency of the UNITED States of America. Yes we can elect Barack Obama.

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