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A Last Hail Mary Pass?

Over the last few days I have received four phone calls from the McCain
campaign and one mailer from the Republican national committee.  Of the
four phone calls, two have been robo calls, one was a person and the
other was a person inviting us to the Palin event at Penn State a week
prior to the election.

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  • Janet Filing says:

    The Palin/McCain effort is last ditch. There is a feeling that they are drowning and need a lifeline. I feel that Palin has given John a sense of being able to keep it together and maybe even get elected, but then what? The major newspapers across Alaska and the country are onboard for Obama. Time now for the last few days to really campaign our hearts out and to talk to neighbors and to get out the vote for Obama. The 21st century needs the person of Barack Obama and of course our economy needs some fresh vision immediately. I cannot wait until we have that electric or hydrogen car that gets 100 miles before a new charge. And even this is probably an old idea. I cannot wait to see the Obamas take over and to feel more comfortable as an American again as we weather these very rough times. I also am working to take back the Senate and House so that Obama can govern and really make the changes that are needed, so support your Democrat in local races in every way possible. Jan

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