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President 2.0

If Barack Obama wins in November, it will surely be historic, but not only because he would be the first African American president.  He would also be the first President elected based on an organizing and fund raising campaign driven by the incredible power of Web 2.0 technologies.

The traditional “grassroots” strategies have given way to a pixelroots campaign.

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  • I’m really excited about this year’s election, and hopefully, if we have enough people tuned into new media to turn the tide, we can make a difference.
    Your examples of grassroots via the Internet, coupled with the individual’s ability to interact, fact-check, and get more in-depth information on the issues via new media further underscore our need champion net neutrality, better broadband throughout the US, and information literacy.
    The Internet is our chance to have a government that really reflects the will of the people, if we can provide equal access to its resources. We want people in office who a) have some understanding of it and b) are working in the best interest of the individual.

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