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Shopping in Enviro-Style

Neela.jpgA few weeks ago my Aunt Cathie wrote us an email about a business her niece, Renee Fischer, had started with her friend, Carla Manna. The name of the company is Neela Products and they make excellent reusable, recyclable bags that are stylish and functional. 

The message came just as our existing reusable shopping bags were reaching the end of their working lives, so Val went to the website and found The Market Pack, which includes a carrying bag that contains five fold-up Market Totes.
We have used the bags now for a few weeks and I have been moved to post this because the bags are excellent:
  • They are a big hit with our style conscious shopping helpers, as seen here above.
  • They are sturdy and large.
  • They are easy to carry when filled, although the helpers like carrying them best when empty and folded into the pack.
  • They hold a lot of groceries – our weekly shops only fill three or four of the five bags.
  • They are simple to fold and store when the shopping is done.
  • They look good.
  • They are totally recyclable when they too come to the end of their working lives.
So, I encourage anyone out there interested in reducing the considerable harm the use of plastic and paper shopping bags does to the environment to look into Neela bags.


  • Cath says:

    Chris, this is so wonderful! I know this is exactly what Renee and Carla are hoping for! Thanks so much for taking the time to put all these thoughts on the web!
    Looking forward to our times together next month!

  • amanda says:

    Making online business with garments products is beneficial and comfortable as it is popular too so day by day people going to divert their business to online from normal business. So I think Renee Fischer and her partner will able to get success bcz most of customers are preferred to buy throughout the online. Thanks!

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