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Designs on e-Learning

By July 14, 2008January 24th, 2018Presentation: Academic, Presentations, Vita

This September I will be presenting at the Designs on e-Learning Conference held here at Penn State.  My presentation is entitled Blogging and Podcasting the Liberal Arts (the link is to the blog post on which the presentation is based).

The abstract is as follows:

Over the past two years, I have worked to incorporate podcasting and blogging into my First-Year seminars in Philosophy. This session will present some of the best practices I have found to be particularly effective in the effort to use technology to expand the classroom experience and encourage the active engagement of my students in their own education. The presentation will touch upon my valiant failures as well as substantive successes. Some of the issues discussed will include: integrating podcasting and blogging, using RSS feeds to facilitate online community, example blog and podcast assignments and a discussion of the place of technology in the classroom. Attendees should come prepared to engage in a substantive discussion of both the concrete, practical issues associated with blogging and podcasting in the classroom and the more theoretical questions surrounding the use of technology in the pedagogical process.

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  • Dana Carlisle Kletchka says:

    Dear Dr. Long,
    I really enjoyed your presentation, as I hope to incorporate the use of blogs into the class that I teach.
    The reference that I mentioned at the session is Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images by Terry Barrett, an art education professor at Ohio State University.

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