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The Passing Details of Life at the Beach

SH08 on Beach.jpgSTONE HARBOR, NJ – The passing details of life at the beach:


  • Hannah standing on one foot.
  • Chloe and Danny playing with Jake in the pool.
  • The breeze smells of the salt sea.
  • Danny reading a bedtime story to Chloe.
  • Aaron drawing with his father and grandfather.
  • Chloe telling Karen: “I like how you look. I don’t want you to go.”
  • Time to talk.
  • Eating Springer’s Ice Cream. 
  • Nanny Janny playing the wave game with Hannah and Chloe. 
  • The middle-aged Olympics at the playground.
  • Hanging out with Tom and Amina.
  • Chloe, Hannah, Val and Chris alone on the post-Memorial Day beach.
  • Hannah, first with Nanny Janny, then with Baba Teedo sleeping on the couch.
  • Finding a conch shell with a hermit crab inside.
  • The sun setting on the bay.

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