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Save Our Schools (SOS)

The write-in campaign of James Leous and Robert Hendrickson have produced three short, funny YouTube advertisements that highlight some of the differences between their positions and those of the State College Vision slate of candidates. I blogged last week about my concerns that the State College Vision campaign has been blinded by the business interests of local developers.
This week I thought I would highlight these YouTube ads to try to give a sense of some of the concerns of the Leous and Hendrickson campaign.
A Negative Vision
The first ad is designed to emphasize the lack of a vision articulated by the State College Vision campaign. This campaign was born out of a vociferous community movement to block the renovation of the local high school, but has not set forth a positive agenda now that the renovation project has been abandoned.

Investing in children, not local business interests
This second ad highlights the commitment Leous and Hendrickson have to investing in the sort of innovative technological that will offer students in our district critical skills for success in a rapidly changing academic and professional world.

The Democratic Process
This final ad is designed to highlight the rather puzzling objection on the part of many on the State College Vision side that the election is basically over and that the Democratic Party’s support for the Leous and Hendrickson write-in campaign amounts to an unwillingness to listen to the will of the people. However, of course, many independents were not permitted to participate in the primary election. Also, a number of people who supported the Vision slate of candidates because they opposed the High School rennovation may have changed their minds in the face of:

  1. revelations about the business interests that funded the campaign and
  2. the Visions campaign’s failure to articulate a positive vision of how to preserve and strengthen the excellent tradition of education the current Board has worked so hard to establish and maintain.

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