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About the Long Road

The title of this web log is more than a play on the name of its author. It refers specifically to Socrates’ insistence in the Republic (at 435d and 503c-d) that the path to truth, the path of genuine philosophy, is a lifelong endeavor oriented by the insistent desire to pursue truth, justice and beauty in a world that all too often shows itself as false, unjust and ugly.

Philosophy is not an academic discipline; it is deeply human activity that requires a heightened sensitivity to the world we inhabit, a commitment to engage honestly the people we meet, and an ability to articulate thoughtful criticism with an eye toward the true, the just and the beautiful. This web log endeavors to give voice to a philosophical life in its rich complexity.

To that end, you will find here information for my students and my philosophy classes, but also reflections on my family, politics, technology and other issues that present themselves as worthy of reflection.


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