I understand that some universities are actually changing their on-campus wi-fi to work with the iphone and ipod touch.
I have the same issue down here at JMU. My iPt reads the network but just cant connect. There are a few hints though of this working in the future….
First of all apple’s australian help site for the iPt (http://www.apple.com/au/support/ipodtouch/) you will see a link to “how to set up VPN.” Well once you go in you notice that is asks you to go (on your iPt) to SETTINGS > GENERAL > NETWORK…
well try it for yourself and you will find that the network button doesn’t actually exist…. wtf apple??
Also once an iPt is jailbroken, that network button under settings DOES appear, but doesn’t work. Maybe a feature apple intended on adding but never got around to?
Here’s what we can do, go here
and fill out a form requesting that the ipod touch become vpn capatible or 801.1.
So as of right now there is no way to have the iPt work with a vpn client. However, there ARE hints of this feature being added in the future. Hope this answers some questions and trust me, I too would love for this to work because I cant access my wi-fi on campus either :*(