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This is an allegorical image. Against a beige background is the front of a building with pillars in slightly darker beige. Layered on top is a white image of the head, elongated neck, shoulders and upper torso of a person. The head is turned to the right with the outline of hair in a bun. Green, plant-like shapes grow behind the torso, in front of the building. A red heart-shaped heart is superimposed on the chest area of the torso. Three lines extend from the heart each connected to a beige rectangle. The rectangle on the left is almost square, with an icon of an open book in black. On the top right is a rectangle with a line graph with a single line going down and up. Middle right is a rectangle with black musical notes beginning with a treble clef. Five stylized human figures are in the foreground. Moving left to right, a Black woman with wavy black hair in a light pink sweater and dark pants with a red briefcase walks toward the heart. Sitting on the shoulder of the torso is a white woman with brown hair in a light brown top and brown pants reading a red book. There is a white man with brown hair in a white lab coat holding a clipboard in front of the heart. To his right is an Asian woman with shoulder length black hair with a stethoscope in a light brown top and dark brown pants listening to the heart. On the right is a Black man in a pink shirt and light brown pants and a dark brown pork pie hat. He has a conductor's baton and is pointing to the musical notes.

Wholeness in a Torn World

To reweave ourselves into community, reconnect ourselves with our purpose, and realign university values with institutional practice, we need to create structures and cultivate habits that reinforce the work that gives our personal and institutional…
Christopher Long
February 5, 2023
Selfie on stage at the Kellogg Center after the 43rd MLK Dinner at which LeConté Dill gave the keynote. The selfie is taken by Chris Long, who is on the left, with, from left to right, Ruth Nicole Brown, LeConté Dill, Chamara Kwakye, Gianina Strother, and Yvonne Morris. In the background are rows of empty round tables with white tablecloths and black chairs around them.
DeanThe Long Road

Power, Love, Justice, and Joy

Since Thursday, I have been reflecting on the powerful keynote address Professor LeConté Dill gave at the 43rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Unity Dinner. Drawing on King's insistence that "ower, properly understood, is…
Christopher Long
January 14, 2023