I first met Ruth Canagarajah in an honors course I taught a few years ago.  She already struck me then as a thoughtful, engaged and creative student.  She wrote an excellent paper for that course on Female Leadership in Sri Lanka.

Since becoming Associate Dean, I have had the privilege to follow the course of her education which, it seems, has led her back to Sri Lanka, the place from which her family comes.  The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Studies office loaned her a Flip Video camera during that trip so she could chronicle the work she is doing.  This is the video she produced with the help of Jillian Balay in the LAUS office.

I present it here as powerful testimony to the transformative possibilities of a liberal arts education:

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    Wow–truly remarkable work. We are very lucky to have her as part of the Liberal Arts community! Wonder if there is any opportunity to collaborate with the School of Theatre on her project?

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