AcademicThe Long Road

Richard Rorty

This year witnessed the death of Richard Rorty, an important American philosopher and good friend to my own teacher, Richard Bernstein. I embed here a YouTube clip posted by my colleague at Penn State, Phillip…
Christopher Long
August 24, 2007
LivingThe Long Road

Rhythms of Fall

In the distance is the sound of drums and horns. The high school band has begun to practice again behind the football field where young men run and tackle, drilling for the new season. The…
Christopher Long
August 21, 2007
Civic LifeThe Long Road

Congress in Fear

Last week I wondered whether Congress would have the courage to pursue the question of impeachment. This week we received the unequivocal answer: no. In fact, not only will the Congress not pursue the national…
Christopher Long
August 8, 2007
Civic LifeThe Long Road

A "National Inquest"

In the Federalist Papers #65, Alexander Hamilton articulates the "true spirit" of the institution of impeachment written into the constitution. Article II, section 4 of the United States Constitution, puts the question of impeachment in…
Christopher Long
August 1, 2007
Book ReviewsVita

The Descent of Socrates

I wrote a review of The Descent of Socrates: Self-knowledge and Cryptic Nature in the Platonic Dialogues, by Peter A. Warnek (Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University Press, 2006) in The Continental Philosophy Review, (forthcoming).
Christopher Long
June 17, 2007

The Ethics of Ontology

In 2004 my book, The Ethics of Ontology: Rethinking an Aristotelian Legacy, was published by the State University of New York Press. A novel rereading of the relationship between ethics and ontology in Aristotle. Concerned…
Christopher Long
May 11, 2004