The Long Road

Recognizing Peer Review

In June of 2018, I held a short workshop about the HuMetricsHSS initiative with colleagues attending the 2018 Summer Seminar - East gathering of the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages that was meeting at…
Christopher Long
March 13, 2019
LivingThe Long Road

365 in 2013

As the year comes to a close, so too does my 365 in 2013 picture a day project. The purpose of the project was to cultivate habits of mindfulness. Each day I set myself the…
Christopher Long
December 31, 2013
LivingLwCHThe Long Road


Excitement abounds here in the Long household as preparations are made for the arrival of Santa. At 9- and 8-years old, the girls are at that prime age when Christmas is long anticipated and full…
Christopher Long
December 24, 2013