Graduates of the College of Arts & Letters

To the Class of 2020

There is nothing the world can now throw at you that you are unprepared to handle. You have harnessed the great power of a liberal arts education...
Michigan Wildflowers

Deepening Connection in a Time of Distancing

As this disquieting semester comes to a close, it’s appropriate to pause for a moment to reflect on the distance we have traveled and the path that lies ahead.
Hora Quasi Umbra text on a Sundial on the Howard Hughes Medical Institute campus.
The Long Road

No Quality Without Equity

In October 2019, I attended a three-day workshop on Driving Institutional Change for Research Assessment Reform jointly convened by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) on the beautiful HHMI campus in Chevy Chase,…
Pathways on the MSU Campus
Catalyst of Collaboration
Dean Long in front of Linton Hall holding a picture of himself as an undergraduate.
To the Class of 2023: Embrace the Adventure
St. Aubin Park, Detroit
Presentation: Interactive
The Transformative Power of Publishing
Grants, Fellowships, Awards
Less Commonly Taught and Indigenous Languages the Focus of $2.5 Million Grant
Connected ropes
Toward a Culture of Care
The Long Road
Recognizing Peer Review